TerraDat is one of Europe's leading geophysical survey companies with over 30 years of experience. Our headquarters are in South Wales, UK, and we have offices in Scotland, Spain, Italy and Austria. Collaborating with archaeologists, engineers and consultants, we are committed to delivering honest, reliable, and unbiased subsurface geophysical mapping services.

Our archaeological geophysics team at TerraDat possesses a unique advantage, drawing upon decades of practical expertise in environmental and archaeological geophysical surveying. Our approach involves specialist geophysicists handling data acquisition and processing while our archaeologists carefully interpret identified features.

Magnetic gradiometry survey of a Roman fort

TerraDat's advanced processing and interpretation capabilities can further examine datasets to provide valuable information regarding various site hazards such as shallow unexploded ordnance (UXO), mine workings, drift geology and buried structures and services.

Survey productivity is maximised using the latest towed geophysical systems. Magnetic gradiometry, GPR and Electromagnetic surveys are cart-mounted and acquired using an ATV.

Magnetic gradiometry is acquired using the latest Sensys towed arrays. In optimum field conditions, the Sensys system allows acquisition rates of up to 20 hectares a day, significantly reducing survey time and cost while doubling survey resolution compared to conventional walked surveys. Towed surveys are ideal for scanning large sites for housing, solar energy or infrastructure projects such as roads/rail, cable routes, and pipelines.

We use the latest GIS software to create clear and accurate interpretative plans, and our comprehensive reports provide detailed descriptions of potential archaeological features. As one of the UK’s leading geophysical contractors, TerraDat’s enhanced processing and interpretation capabilities allow the results to be interrogated to provide additional information on various site hazards such as shallow UXO, mine workings and buried structures and services.

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